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Testing results and Testimonials


Bassett has been around a very long time (he says "even longer").  He has a lot of himself invested in this scope mount.  These support pages are an effort to help with some of the issues our customers have come across (and come through).  If you need additional help, take pictures if you can and email us.  We'll see what we can do.


Independent Testing Results

Joint test conducted in 1991 by John J. Pierce and Fred D. Lewallen, both of whom worked with the D.O.D. on weapons and defense systems:

Testing at AMU Fort Hood


Article as seen in the American Rifle magazine, April 1993 issue.



Standard Mount Feedback and reviews:


Letter from Sergeant of Police (1995)

Tactical Section, Special Operations Division for the City of Dallas.


Letter from a junior high-power rifle team coach (1993)

Boulder, Colorado.


Email from a proud father and satisfied customer (2007)

A father received standard mount as a gift around 1992.  Bought another mount in '07 for his son. Son gets his first hog.


Email from David Poor, "civilian" (2008)



Email and Target from David Jones, (2008)

Shoots competitive pistol and rifle, Certified Hunter Education Instructor for the Division of Wildlife for the State of Ohio.  Using a Burris 8x32 Mil dot scope on a synthetic stocked Springfield M1A rifle.


Field test review of Standard Scope Mount

by Art Luppino (m14Firinglineforum)

Includes a follow up.




Picatinny Mount Feedback and reviews:


Field test review of Picatinny Rail Scope Mount

by Art Luppino (m14Firinglineforum)











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