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Field test review by Art Luppino (m14Firinglineforum)


As posted on the M14 FiringLine Forum by Art Luppino (02-10-2008, 04:33 PM)

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Recently I had the opportunity to field test the new Bassett SM14-M1A (Standard High)

scope mount. For your information Only the UNIQUE features are offered below.

1. The Engineering, Craftsmanship and materials are excellent.

2. The aligning design is a Masterpiece, positive lock up and will not stress the receiver,

nor will the surfaces of contact wear or distort the Mount or Receiver.

3. Twenty-two inch lbs. is all the torque needed to secure the Bassett Mount.

4. The Mount requires only one tool, the tool comes with the Mount.

5. It takes less than one minute to remove the Mount and reinstall.

6. The scope returned to zero or less than one click to zero.

7. Iron sights are useable, elevation is limited with use of scope.

8. Scope is over the bore line.

9. Mounted scope does not encumber single loading or interfere with ejection.

10. The Bassett Mount did not shoot loose during firing.

11. This is a SINGLE machine screw Mount.

12. It works.

The bad news is, just like you will be, I now have to find a way to recover my $$'s

getting rid of all the disappointments...

I highly recommend the Bassett MS M14-M1A Mount, for details contact, Bill Basset at :

< bassettmachine (dot) com>.  Tell him Art sent you. Art Luppino



As posted on the M14 FiringLine Forum by Art Luppino (02-14-2008, 12:14 PM)

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BASSETT Mount Follow UP.

In way of a follow up on the Bassett Single Screw Mount... I have now fired over 200

rounds, some fired in rapid fire mode, and there has been no indication of the screw

loosening, shift of point of impact or any interference during ejection.

The posts in response to the first Thread have been positive. Special thanks to the

Member that gave us the pictures and information after he completed his testing.

It is comforting to buy an item and find it actually does what it's suppose to do. It is a

pleasure to endorse this Mount, thanks Bill Bassett.  Art








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Bassett Standard M14/M1A Scope MountBassett Standard High M14/M1A Scope Mount      Mounted with Weaver Low RingsBassett Picatinny Rail M14/M1A Scope Mount      Introduced August 2008Iron sights view from below the Bassett Picatinny Rail    w/ Weaver T-10 Scope 1" diameter tube,  50mm outside diameter OB and Rear iron-sight all the way downBassett Picatinny Rail M14/M1A Scope mount



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