Bassett Machine   Dripping Springs, Texas




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By Appointment Only


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P.O. Box 615

Dripping Springs, Texas 78620

Bassett Standard M14/M1A Scope MountBassett Standard High M14/M1A Scope Mount      Mounted with Weaver Low RingsBassett Picatinny Rail M14/M1A Scope Mount      Introduced August 2008Iron sights view from below the Bassett Picatinny Rail    w/ Weaver T-10 Scope 1" diameter tube,  50mm outside diameter OB and Rear iron-sight all the way downBassett Picatinny Rail M14/M1A Scope mount



Physical Location:

By Appointment Only

Dripping Springs, Texas


Shipping address:

P.O. Box 615

Dripping Springs, Texas 78620

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info (at) bassettmachine (dot) com



!While Bassett is in the shop a lot, he does not keep normal shop hours and when machines are running, he cannot hear the phone ringing.  Contact me by email and I'll give you some tips on how to catch him!


2017 Bassett Machine

Physical Address:  By Appointment Only 512.858.4441

Shipping Address: P.O. Box 615  Dripping Springs, Texas 78620