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The Bassett Standard M14/M1A Mount


The Standard mount was introduced to the "public" (shooting matches mostly) in the early '80s.  The word-of-mouth advertising did something....

We tried to discontinue the Standard Low mount because most of our customers wanted to use their iron sights.  In 2008, we started selling them again and for the first time on the website.

  • Won't shoot loose

  • Easy installation and removal

  • Durable, Rugged

  • Compatible with Weaver rings

  • Allows clearance for case ejection

  • Returns to zero on reinstall within a -minute of angle at 100 yards

  • Most scopes can be rotated 90o counter-clockwise allowing even more clearance

    • On most scopes, that means the windage knob in the vertical position would be used for elevation adjustment and the original elevation knob becomes the windage knob.

    • The cut-out space for the turret allows for 1.4" (1/32nd less than 1 7/16") and with an extension ring allows .8" of eye-relief adjustment.

  • Iron sights may still be usable while mounted (Standard High mount only.  Standard Low mount with Low rings prevents the use of the iron sights.)

  • Bolt only requires 22 inch-pounds of torque for best performance

    • Testing by the AMU at Fort Hood, Texas, in 1980, determined 22 inch-pounds sufficient to hold the mount with no shifting and yet not distort the rifle or compromise accuracy.

    • To achieve 22 inch-pounds, use the included Torque ToolTM and recommended installation method.  It is that simple, quick and easier to repeat achieving consistency so that the rifle returns to zero.

    • The weight of the rifle is enough to tighten the bolt and hold to zero.  It will return to zero if you apply the same technique each time you install it.  Most people have trouble wrapping their head around the concept that one bolt is enough, and that 22 inch-pounds is enough, or that loctite is not needed on the bolt.  It is enough.  However, if you would like to test our findings, we do sell individual attachment bolts for $10 each, plus shipping & handling.

Recommended scope rings for the Standard M14/M1A Scope Mount

  • Bassett recommends Weaver rings because they work and are reasonably priced.  Specifically recommended for the Standard M14/M1A Scope Mount:

  • Weaver medium height:  Style #49041 (1" scope tube diameter) or #49120 (30mm scope tube diameter)

  • Or try Style #49045 or #49152 extended for 3/4", more or less, eye relief with 1" or 30mm diameters, respectively.

Installation Instructions in PDF format





Standard High Scope Mount





Installation Instructions


Shooting left or right, high or low? How to determine if the barrel is parallel to the action


Weaver Rings attachment:

   Standard mounts

   Picatinny Rail mount




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