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Bassett Standard M14/M1A Scope MountBassett Standard High M14/M1A Scope Mount      Mounted with Weaver Low RingsBassett Picatinny Rail M14/M1A Scope Mount     Allows for more military applications.Iron sights view from below the Bassett Picatinny Rail    w/ Weaver T-10 Scope 1" diameter tube,  50mm outside diameter OB and Rear iron-sight all the way downBassett Picatinny Rail M14/M1A Scope Mount     Allows for more military applications.



This one won't shoot loose.


All Bassett M14/M1A Scope Mounts fit the M14, M1A and M21 rifles, as well as the modified versions that followed. 


Made in the U.S.A. Made in the USA 


Read about the history of how this mount came to be and you'll see why this mount works.

  • won't shoot loose

  • easy to install or remove

  • allows clearance for case ejection

  • returns to zero on reinstall within about a -minute of angle

Want to know what people like you think of our mounts? The Testimonials Page includes test results from independent comparison tests, letters and emails from over the years and a few links to comments/discussions and threads posted on the M14 Firing Line Forum.


We have also added a Frequently Asked Questions page, information on known issues and troubleshooting tips.  Well...we don't get enough questions to say they are 'frequently asked' but we thought the answers to the questions we have received or anticipated would be helpful or just interesting to read.









2018 Bassett Machine

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Shipping Address: P.O. Box 615  Dripping Springs, Texas 78620